[fic] Serenity
tea time
Title: Serenity
Characters: Fuu, Shibuki
Pairings: Shibuki/Fuu
Genre: Humour/Romance
Rating: T
A/N: Shibuki is the leader of Waterfall in the second OAV.
Summary: AU. Fuu gives Shibuki a reason to like storms.

because sometimes the push takes unusual forms

[fic] Summer Grass
tea time
Title: Summer Grass
Characters: Fuu
Genre: Angst
Rating: T
Summary: There are many misconceptions about her. 20 Truths about Fuu, the Nanabi Jinchuuriki.

these are the facts though

Welcome to the community!
tea time
So I thought that since all the jinchuuriki and bijuu have been revealed now, it was about time someone made a community for all of them.

Anything related to any of them is welcome although some of them already have specific communities devoted to them.


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